Dr. Hasan Qawasmi

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About the Doctor

Dr Hassan Qawasmi is an Ear-Nose-Throat specialist. He has around 21 years of experience. Dr. Qawasmi worked at the ministry of health hospitals such as, Princess Basma Hospital and Al-Basheer Hospital. Dr. Qawasmi currently runs his private clinic, which was established in 2009. He is also an instructor at the Jordan University for Science and Technology.


  • Medical Degree, University of Napoca, Romania

Specializing In

Adenoids / Middle Ear Infection Allergy Consultation Allergy Follow Up Cochlear Implant Surgery Dizziness / Vertigo Read More Less

Dr. Hassan Qawasmi Clinic

The doctor accepts 'Pay & Claim' at this location

Licenses / Permits

  • Ministry of Health in Amman

Languages Spoken

  • Arabic
  • English
  • Romanian