Dr. Mohammad Ghnaimat

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About the Doctor

Dr. Mohammad Ghnaimat is an internist and nephrologist treating patients in University Of Jordan Hospital and London Hospital, and the surrounding areas. He is certified from the American Board of Internal Medicine in both internal medicine and nephrology. Dr. Ghnaimat is also affiliated with medical facilities including the Specialty Hospital, Al-Khaldi Hospital And Arab Medical Hospital. In order to pursue his medical degree, Dr. Ghnaimat attended University of Jordan. He continued his medical education in University of London, where he focused on the study of Nephrology . At Harvard, Dr. Ghnaimat specialized in Kidney transplant, he also received training specializing in nephrology. Patients visiting Dr. Ghnaimat can receive a full range of medical care, He provides general consultations, nephrology consultations, annual physical examinations, and medicine prescriptions and refills. Treatment is also available for urinary tract infection, kidney stones, and chronic kidney disease.


  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, University Of Jordan, Jordan
  • Masters in Nephrology, University of Londan, United Kingdom
  • Masters in Kidney Transplant, Harvard University, United States

Specializing In

Blood in Urine / Hematuria Chronic Kidney Disease Dialysis Kidney Stones Nephrology Consultation Read More less

Dr. Mohammad Qhnaimat Clinic

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Licenses / Permits

  • Ministry of Health in Amman

Hospital Affiliations

Professional Memberships

  • Jordan Society of Nephrology
  • President Of Jordan Society of British Medical Graduates
  • Vice President of Jordan Society of Internal Medicine
  • Arab Society of Nephrology and Renal Transplant
  • International Society of Nephrology in the Middle East

Languages Spoken

  • Arabic
  • English

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